Is Your CBD From Hemplucid

If It’s Not These, It’s Not Hemplucid

Hi, I’m Talyn with Hemplucid and today we’re going to quickly cover how you can identify genuine Hemplucid products. With so many CBD companies entering this competitive market, we want to be sure you’re getting the best quality products available. 

Now, we fully believe that there are a lot of high-quality CBD products out there.

Unfortunately, some companies have begun making false claims regarding the origin and content of their products—with some even claiming to contain Hemplucid CBD. 

And while we’re flattered that our products have gained so much attention, we want to clear up some confusion. 

At Hemplucid, we have three product lines. 

If it’s not one of these three, it’s not Hemplucid. 

If you have any confusion about the products you’re carrying in your store or personally taking, please reach out to us at Hemplucid corporate. Thanks for choosing Hemplucid.