The Benefits of Selling Hemplucid CBD

Mar 03, 2022

The Benefits of Selling Hemplucid CBD

Wondering about what’s in it for you? Learn all about selling Hemplucid CBD here.

Wondering what companies sell CBD wholesale? Curious about how to sell CBD? Searching for a way to sell CBD oil and work from home?

Becoming a Hemplucid reseller might be a perfect fit for you or your business. It's a natural addition to your existing health and wellness products, or a great fit if you're looking to launch something new, too! When people are searching for "CBD oil for sale near me", let's make sure you have Hemplucid CBD lining your shelves  so you can meet your customer's unique needs. 

Read on to understand all the benefits being a Hemplucid reseller can bring to you and your business.

Why Sell Hemplucid CBD?

Developing and selling high-quality hemp products can feel complicated, especially in this day and age. Becoming a CBD reseller with Hemplucid, however, is easy. 

When you become a Hemplucid reseller, you'll gain access to many perks. Simply put, it's a good way to get a great deal on CBD for your business. 

We know it can be hard to find high-quality CBD products at a reasonable price to resell. That's exactly why we created Hemplucid Wholesale. Supporting you and providing your small business with the resources it needs to successfully market CBD is our ultimate goal.  

Are There Incentives Or Exclusive CBD Deals I Can Get?

Are There Incentives Or Exclusive CBD Deals I Can Get?

There are almost too many incentives and exclusives to list when it comes to the wholesale program. We managed to narrow it down to five major perks of being a Hemplucid reseller

  • Two Words: Sample Sizes
  • It's rare that we offer retail samples since so much goes into our production process. For wholesale, we know that it's extra  important for resellers to try before they buy! That's why we offer a broad range of samples, including the following categories: 

  • Be The First To Know
  • Did you know that new products go live on the wholesale site weeks before they premiere on our retail site ( ? It's true! We want you to be able to hear about new and improved products before they become available to the general public. 

  • Get First Pick For New Products
  • Not only will you hear about new products before everyone else, you'll also get first pick. That means you'll be able to stock up before a big sale happens so you can give your customers what they need.

  • Have Sales Support
  • We don't want to just turn you into a reseller and then turn you loose. Instead of aiming for a one-time transaction, we foster supportive reseller relationships and work hard to create helpful resources. Our staff works hard to stay in touch with your sales team, and on top of that we offer exceptional educational and marketing materials. Some of the stellar options available to you include: 

  • Use Our Marketing Materials & Media Kit
  • Our marketing materials and media kit make it easy to customize CBD to your needs. The pictures and assets included can be used to market CBD to your customers and make the products you want to sell even more appealing to your audience. 

    It's expensive to develop your own CBD — not to mention keep up with all the rules and constantly-changing regulations! We'll keep track of all that while you focus on taking your business to new heights. 

    How To Get Involved With Hemplucid

    It takes just a few simple steps to start your journey as a Hemplucid retailer. Visit our reseller application page and fill out the form. Then, an associate will be in contact with you soon regarding your next steps

    A great way to stay informed and connected is to sign up for Hemplucid Wholesale email updates. Simply scroll to the footer on this page (or the homepage) to input your email. This allows you to stay updated and be the first one to hear about exclusives, new products, sales, and even more! 

    Bottom Line

    The Bottom Line On The Benefits of Becoming a Reseller

    Selling Hemplucid products is a great way to increase your CBD sales and expand your business. With a high quality CBD selection, you'll be able to offer customers a wide range of potential benefits that suit their unique needs. Beyond that, as an insider you'll get exclusive discounts, deals, and first pick when a new product launches. What are you waiting for? 

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