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Find Your Strength

For pets trying CBD for the first time, we recommend starting with half a dropper.

Suggested Use

Mix into wet food, sprinkle onto dry kibble, or drip the oil directly into your pet’s mouth (if they’ll let you!).

Refrigerate after opening.

Tips And Tricks

If your pet is reluctant to eat their food after you’ve mixed in the CBD oil, start with a lower amount so they can get used to the new smell and taste.

Organic Full-Spectrum CBD for Pets, Chicken Flavor

Find the CBD solution that is perfect for your pet. Mix it with food or treats, or serve it straight out of the bottle!

  • 300mg
MSRP $24.95

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  • Want to share the benefits of full-spectrum CBD with your four-legged friends? Pamper your pets with this top-tier tincture.

    Our CBD for pets might not be for human consumption, but we put the same care and attention to detail into these products because we know your pets deserve the best. Our natural pet CBD oil is flavored specifically for pets, easy to mix into food or treats, and like all of our products, grown and manufactured in the USA.

    We know your pets are beloved members of the family, and this tincture makes a great addition to their nutrition regimen. Not only do pets love it — their humans say it makes trips to the vet, visits to the groomer, and long rides in the car much easier!

  • Does this contain chicken?
    • This product contains chicken and bacon flavoring to make it extra tasty for your furry friends! These flavorings help hide the hempy taste so that the oil will seem extra appealing to your pet and provide them all the potential benefits possible.

    What kind of pets is this tincture suitable for?
    • While this high-quality tincture was made with dogs and cats in mind, it may work for other pets as well. According to The Anti-Cruelty Society, “CBD is non-psychoactive and appears safe to be used on pets.”

      The best practice for giving this tincture to your pet is to check with a veterinarian that is familiar with cannabis first. Since research can vary by animal and breed, a vet can help you determine proper dosing of CBD and if this tincture is appropriate for certain species.

    Should this product be refrigerated?
    • We recommend you refrigerate this product after opening.

    How often can I give this to my pet?
    • While each pet is different, we don’t recommend exceeding the dosages outlined in our Strength Chart. Small to medium pets may be able to thrive on 1-2 droppers a day, and large pets may need a dosage closer to 2-3 droppers.

    When is the best time of day to give this to a pet?
    • Each pet is different, and the best time of day may differ between each of your pets. Refer to the Strength Chart for guidance on how many droppers your pet may be able to handle by weight. Small dogs may only be suited for ½ a dropper per day, while bigger dogs may be able to handle more. It all depends on your pet’s size and unique needs.

    How do I know if my pet has had too much or not enough?
    • CBD will affect each pet differently. While hemp is extremely safe, if you are noticing your pet is unusually tired or having any undesired effects, this may be a sign that your pet has taken too much CBD. If you notice your pet isn’t experiencing the effects you were hoping for, your pet may not have had enough.

      Gauge their reaction after offering them one serving at first. This will allow you to see what your pet’s needs are and then tailor the amount they are given for best results. Be sure to follow the guidelines in the Strength Chart (on the label or box, and included below under Find Your Strength).

    What is the best serving for my pet?
    • To find the best serving for your pet, we recommend following the serving chart on the side of the box or in the serving section below. Every pet is different and servings may need to be adjusted.

      We recommend increasing your pet’s dose in half-dropper increments until they begin experiencing the desired results. While they can’t tell you when they are feeling good, pay attention to their behaviors, which can signal if they are feeling balanced or exhibiting signs of discomfort.

    Other questions or concerns?