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As part of our 100% Lucid Guarantee, all of our hemp-derived products are tested to ensure we meet all legal requirements and HempLucid's quality standards. Each lot is individually sampled, tested and archived, with each test result (called a Certificate of Analysis, or COA) made available publicly for your review.

For Best Results

Your endocannabinoid system is as unique as you are, which is why there’s no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to enjoying CBD.

Take one serving sublingually (under the tongue) about five or ten minutes before you want to feel the effects, or mix into a beverage for a steadier absorption.

Store at room temperature and shake well before using (separation is natural).

Tips And Tricks

Add this tincture to your favorite beverage for slow-and-steady sips throughout the day, or take sublingually for a quick fix.

The Water Soluble can also be vaped — alone or mixed with other e-liquids — for a quicker absorption that may work better for you.

Find Your Strength

For first-timers, we recommend starting with a lower strength (such as a 600 mg or 1350 mg) and beginning with half a dropper. You can always increase the serving once you’re more familiar with how CBD works for you.

If you’ve already been using HempLucid for a while, take a look at our strength chart to see how our new line compares to our older products. If you’re switching from another brand, we suggest starting with a lower strength than you might be used to because our products tend to be stronger than others.

Suggested Use

Consistent use is the best way to determine if this tincture is the one for you. We recommend using the product daily for 30 days so you can really see its effectiveness.

The Water Soluble tincture is designed to last 30 days (1 serving per day). If your bottle doesn’t last 30 days, bump up to a higher strength or pair the tincture with another product like our Gummy Cubes.

Organic Full-Spectrum Water Soluble CBD - Mint Flavor

Organic? Check. Water-soluble? Check. USA-grown and -manufactured? Check. Our most-loved Organic Water Soluble checks all the boxes.

  • Natural
  • Mint
  • Orange
  • 600mg
  • 1350mg
MSRP $34.95

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  • Think oil and water don’t mix? Think again!

    Our Organic Water Soluble is our #1 fan favorite here at HempLucid. If you’ve ever been let down by other CBD products, this is the one for you.

    And with a refreshing peppermint flavor, this water-soluble tincture is a great way to enjoy the benefits of CBD and give your tastebuds a little pick-me-up at the same time.

    The addition of our nano electrolyte blend (unique to our Water Soluble products) embeds nanoclusters of water into the formulation to maximize absorption rates. Mix it with a drink, take it directly under the tongue, or vape it — this Water Soluble can be taken however you like to get the effect you’re looking for.

    It’s completely unique — just like you. Try this fast-acting tincture today!

  • Where does the mint flavor come from?
    • The refreshing minty taste of our Organic Water Soluble - Mint Flavor is an organic peppermint flavoring, which is made with organic sunflower oil and natural flavors.

    When will I feel the effects?
    • How you take this tincture will affect how quickly you may feel its effects.

      When swallowed, this tincture is absorbed through the digestive system. Because this tincture is water-soluble, it is absorbed faster than an oil, and you may start to feel effects within minutes.

      When taken sublingually (under the tongue), you may experience effects slightly faster because the CBD is absorbed by the blood vessels in the mouth.

    Why is it so thick?
    • Our Water Soluble is made by emulsifying CBD oil with organic vegetable glycerin and sunflower lecithin, which produces a sort of cloudy mixture. Don’t let the appearance worry you though — you can mix our Water Soluble CBD into nearly any beverage and many recipes. Just give the bottle a good shake first!

    Is this product gluten-free?
    • Our Water-Soluble products are gluten-free.

    Is this product safe for pets?
    • Since every pet is different (and may respond differently to CBD oil), we recommend giving your pet a product from our Pets collection, which has added tasty flavors your pets will enjoy.

    Can I vape this?
    • Yes. Our Water Soluble tinctures can be vaped alone or combined with other e-liquids — remember that diluting the tincture will reduce its potency, and the tincture may not work in all pens or cartridges.

    Can I mix this into drinks?
    • Yes! Our water soluble products are designed to blend into water based drinks as well as smoothies or coffee.

    Other questions or concerns?